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                Online Reservations
                  Adult:  Child:  Room:

                The Multi-function Hall of Shanghai Hotel is designed as a non-pillar hall. Suitable for activities and ceremonies like annually conferences, training classes and business parties etc.

                Conference center offers a full range of facilities and broadband internet. Each of the 7 meeting rooms can be styled into theatre form , classroom form, hollow square form and dinner form

                These meeting rooms could be used as sub-conference rooms or for individual purposes as well.

                Our experienced staff will assist you for every detail before and during your conference.

                Shanghai Hall
                Capacity--- Hollow Square: 180 person, Class Room: 300 person, Theatre: 450 person

                ChunShen Hall
                Capacity---Hollow Square: 80person, Class Room: 110person,  Theatre: 150person.

                Pomposity Room
                Capacity---Hollow Square: 60 person, Class Room: 80 person, Theatre: 120 person

                Elite Room
                Capacity---Hollow Square: 30 person, Class Room: 40 person, Theatre: 70 person

                Talent Room
                Capacity---Hollow Square: 25 person, Class Room: 30 person, Theatre: 60 person

                Excelle Room
                Capacity---Theatre: 56 person

                Dignity Room
                Capacity---Hollow Square: 14 person

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